Thursday, April 29, 2010


he was working on a piece for his girlfriend, khalilah.
frida kahlo was the subject.
along with convo..
and a lil music.

ok, so....
it's official..
chad cartwright is THEE King of Collage.

[[ tho he is not just a collager ]] *smile*

support local arts and be green all at the same time:
he'll take unwanted magazines and such off your hands..
a better way than you throwing them out.

he's that kinda artist-friend that continue to inspire me.. keeps the fire quietly going.. and he doesn't even know it. thanks chd:wrd for the random & not-so-random conversations.


Goldi gold said...


CHD:WCK! said...

damn! my life LOOKS cool as hell... who knew?!?! surely not me.
thanks E!!!