Tuesday, August 17, 2010


chad and i are working on a documentation of me.
i got a quick moment to snap a couple of him.

and this is one of the many he captured of me.

let him document you.
he's talented.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


been a lil over a month since my last post.. and there are many different reasons why, many of which i do not know about.. and that is ok. it is purposeful. at any rate, i was moved to post tonite.

yesterday afternoon, i went for a ride, east on 74, with my folks to see a few family members. i call it the country. my roots. they go deep. on both sides. from what most people, where i'm from, would call a place like this. it is much slower. very rural. and very peaceful. that is probably one of the things i can appreciate most.. the peacefulness. and of course, mother nature full in effect. and the mosquitoes were everywhere.

these sunflowers were gorgeous. my camera doesn't really give them all the glory.. you just had to be there. i hopped out and began with caution.. there were bumblebees everywhere. pollenating. minding their business. i am told they are not "aggressive" like honey bees and wasps and such.. but that didnt really matter to me because they still sting. and, i was in their territory.

the flowers reminded me of life. the bees reminded me of life. and how everything IS connected. everything in cycle. we must remember this. this applies all thruout life. as i cultivate and nourish this seed, i keep this close to heart. who i am, affects my seed and those close to me. what i do, or don't.. what i say, or not... my thoughts, feelings and emotions are directly connected. and saying this, i am being as peace as i can. it is challenging but it is possible. what i think, manifests. what i do, is that manifestation. with every action, there is a reaction AND consequence, whether its immediate or not.

like the sun, water, bees, flowers, air, soil... all of these things are a part of life.

we need to get back to this. living like this. being mindful of all that we are (or aren't).

it's all relative.

with this seed growing, turning, floating, swimming inside...
it only makes me strive to be my best now and always.
no time for bull or anything lifeless..
only LIGHT.
and if you ain't with that..
no love lost..
but i can't help you because it is not my purpose.
my purpose is bigger than me.
and it's growing everyday.