Friday, December 25, 2009

georgia's jewel.

[part one]

driving from florida to charlotte is a nice ride. i dig road trips in general. and if there is one thing you don't know about me, know that i will quickly hop in a vehicle to venture outta the city. this particular day i was in a very thoughtful mood, kinda heavy, but not so much anything negative. was wishing i was able to stay in florida a lil while longer to be with moms. it was a warmer day, so i felt like taking my time getting back to charlotte. needed the extra time to free, filter, and organize some of those thoughts. as i had gotten into georgia, i decided to detour, and i took the highway to jekyll island. in my numerous trips between florida and north carolina, that name has always grabbed me. this time, it didn't let go. i'm glad it didn't. it felt gooood being near the the water again. freeing.

i miss being 5 minutes from the ocean.
jekyll island ain't the pacific, but this piece of the atlantic will do.
definitely a jewel.