Tuesday, November 10, 2009

never in vain

my prayer is to be better
and to live a life of love
an honest human being
who's at heart can soar with the doves
it's hard to keep your head up
when life's smoke obscures your game
i pray to see the beauty
even in that smoke's dark haze

and when i feel worthy to receive
the universe opens up to me
i'm a wide open vessel
true love expressing
i'll never live a day in vain

feeling bad is natural
to love the sun we must know rain
just don't let it infect you
wash it out before it stains
there's so much to support you
the water, earth and air
cause life is such a privilege
give thanks because its there

when we feel worthy to receive
universe opens up for we
we're wide open vessels
true love expressing
never live a day in vain

lyrics by georgia anne muldrow

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Renee Sebastian said...

I love this song. thanks for posting the lyrics.