Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a lil inspiration?

i was reminded to look up.
so, i double-parked, and hit my hazards..

when the sky is alive during these hours..
it reminds me that the new day is near.
and yeah, i know "tomorrow" isn't promised..
but, i know there is life AFTER life.
do your best TODAY, cause it's all we can do.
if you feel like you haven't done your best..
be ready for "tomorrow" to get IT right.

the sun sets..
the sun rises..
whether we are here or not.

and even during the trying times..
make the most of it.

this is for inspiration..
of any sort..
i get mine from it.

[excuse me while i kiss the sky]

1 comment:

CHD:WCK! said...

this is dope! the colors you captured are really so calming.