Tuesday, August 18, 2009


life is full of surprises.
and bad.
we never know.
how do we learn to cope with the bad kind?
had plans to get things done for the up & coming show..
but my mind is beyond clouded with the news i just heard tonight.
between this headache and heartache..
will i even be able to sleep?


raw said...

use the pain of your heartache to make your artwork... that's what I do... it's kind of worked out for me.

For the headache just take a nap

philippe. said...


e.Lisha said...

raw: thank u for the words.. ya know, i am doing just that.. what better time 2 weeks before our show?

phil: just been hit over the head with life [tho it feels like i've been stabbed in the heart] but maybe it ain't that bad.. eh. either way, no use in crying over spilled milk.. what is, is.. what is done, has been done. so i'm trying my best to get what i can from it, and move right along.

Meesh The Great said...

cheer up sis

Anonymous said...

there is always sunshine after the rain... streamline that pain into your work. I've found art to be so theraputic for my life.